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Historical Blogs

Explore the past and discover the stories behind the events that shaped our world. Our collection of historical blogs covers a wide range of topics and time periods.


A Vivid History

The Hidden Heroes of Innovation

Islamic Search for Knowledge

The Golden Ages of Humanity

Miscallenous Muslim Innovators


The Story of Muslim Rule in Sicily

The Andalusian Legacy

A Story of Valiance and Resilience

Return of the Dreaded Vikings in Andalusia


The Story of Muslim Rule in Provence

The Sword of God

The Compelling Story of Khalid ibn al-Walid


A Phoenician History

Chemistry & Toxicology

A Vivid History

Afterword & Heavy Criticism


Sikander-i-Sani aka The Second Alexander

Women in Islam

Nusaybah bint Ka’ab

The Last Khwarazmshah

Jalal al-Din Mangburni

The Lion of Carthage

The Story of Hannibal Barca

Urbs Aeterna

The Eternal Roman City


A Deep Insight

Khayr al-Din

The Barbarossa Brothers

King of Corsairs

An Ottoman Hero

Khashkhaash ibn Saeed

Andalusian Discovery of the Americas


The African Samurai

Ancient Sports

Sports the Ancients Loved to Play

Travel in Ancient Egypt

The History of Travel in Egypt

Ancient Tourism in Egypt & Beyond

The Violet-Crowned City

And the Legacy of Ancient Greece

The Swiss Conspiracy

The Templar’s Intrigue